DORILL is a collective movement 

Shaping a community of DoERs

Bred from Diversity and Opportunity

that Respectfully Includes every

Leader with the teachings of Love;

a beautiful coalition of change.

Students Served since 2018

Saturday Arts PRogram Years

In-School Arts Program Partnerships

Summer Arts Program Years

Dorill continues to live by our founding mantra #LoveThroughArt as we stay committed to our student’s success through artistic + creative expression, academic enrichment, civic + community engagement.

We strive to cultivate the whole citizen artist – recognizing that the dreams of our youth remain diverse. It’s our responsibility to reinforce their limitless potential and ensure their families and the larger community are part of their growth artistically, academically, and personally.

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“What I love about the Dorill Saturday Arts Program is they treat my daughter with respect and always allow her to be herself without judging her. This program has helped my child be more confident in herself. It also helps her understand the different kinds of art.

– Amanda Pumarejo, #DorillMom


“We love the Dorill Saturday Arts Program for several reasons. The arts program has shown my daughter the importance of community involvement. The staff at Dorill are caring and extremely passionate not only on Saturdays but every day. They taught the children arts and also touched on important subjects that the kids may experience daily such as bullying. I have seen my daughters’ self-confidence grow and watched how her experience in the Dorill program has empowered her to push herself to reach her full potential.

– Tasha Rivera, #DorillMom

“What I love about the Dorill Saturday Arts Program is it gives girls and boys in our community something productive to do during the weekend. The Dorill Staff are so loving and caring and give our kids the opportunity to be comfortable to express themselves, to care about one another, and to respect each other as well. I like that the Dorill Staff also involves the parents to attend events and participate in the program. My 12 year old daughter loves the Dorill Saturday Arts Program…looking forward to another year!

– Emily Pagan, #DorillMom