Who We Are

DORILL is NOT just a middle name.
DORILL are values that shaped our founder as a human being and artist.

As a young boy growing up in the Lower East Side, Tareake was always aware of the beauty and history of his neighborhood, but most importantly cognizant of the challenges his community and peers faced on the daily. The famous line in that neighborhood for the people growing up in it is, “I hope I can make it out.”

It’s because of the support from his family, teachers, friends and programs like Rosie’s Theater Kids and Dancing Classrooms that Tareake feels he was able to make it out. These programs provided him with a platform to strengthen his talents and develop his voice. At a very young age, Tareake’s parents instilled in him the importance of giving back and always looking out for the well being of others.

In 2010 at 14 years old, Tareake directed and choreographed a show called, Take a Stand Against Diabetes, to raise money and bring awareness to diabetes. In 2012, he produced a show called, One Voice / One World, to raise money and bring awareness to the affects of Hurricane Sandy in the Lower East Side. Both showcases raised money and proceeds went to the American Diabetes Association and the American Red Cross.

“Stories shape us just as much as we shape the stories we create. We need to value our individual story, listen to our neighbor’s story, and open our hearts and minds to the multiple stories waiting to be heard around the world.” – Tareake Dorill Ramos, Founder

DIVERSITY has always existed in the human race and it’s crucial that our youth learn how to celebrate our differences. Differences are what makes us special and its what puts art, action and life in our society.

With a country divided in so many ways we at Dorill Initiative chose a path committed to providing our youth with an OPPORTUNITY to tell their stories through art and heal our communities in transformative ways.

We train our youth to develop a unique voice through literary, visual and performing arts education while cultivating the skills to RESPECT other viewpoints and to think critically of the world around them.INCLUSION to us means we are focused on the ‘whole’ citizen artist and making sure our youth, families, and community feel included into our family. We are here to serve you and while many of our students may not want to grow up to be a professional artist it’s our responsibility that our youth be reinforced with the idea of their limitless potential.

Our youth will be the LEADERS of tomorrow and it is through the power of artistic expression that they will create a ripple effect of positive change in the communities in which we serve.

Join us in mobilizing our city’s youth in transforming social narratives through art, exploring new perspectives through engagement with the broader community, and starting and ending this entire process with LOVE.

Here at Dorill our mantra is #LoveThroughArt