DORILL Young Professionals Board

Camille Felicity
Sayief LeShaw
J. Zachary Saffa
Zikomo Barr
Dimitri Joseph Moise
Nicole Johnson
Fitgi Saint Louis

Frequently asked questions

Dorill Young Professionals Board is tailor-made for emerging philanthropists between the ages of 21 – 35 who are comprised of professionals from diverse occupational fields and backgrounds. Dorill Young Professionals Board members are mentored by the Board of Directors to become ambassadors for our organization, develop leadership skills, and bring new perspectives to the boardroom table. It’s purpose is to promote the mission of Dorill Initiative through outreach, fundraising, events and volunteer projects.

Every member is expected to commit to a direct personal contribution of $20 or more per month and pro-actively participate through AT LEAST one of the three pillars of support:
Administrative Support
  • Dorill Young Professionals Board members provide pro-bono support to the organization in your area of expertise: design, graphics, tech, accounting, research, proposal writing, budget & planning, communications, events, etc.
  • Dorill Young Professionals Board members produce one fundraiser each and support one Dorill Initiative fundraiser through sales of tickets and/or sponsorships.
Outreach / Ambassadorship
  • Dorill Young Professionals Board learn the mission and work of the organization well enough to represent the nonprofit to corporate businesses, social groups, and professional associations.

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